• National Popular Action Front. Working with the coordinators of 28 municipalities of Santa Barbara department, a total of 336 members were trained in Appreciative Inquiry Methodology applied to peace. This activity is a result of the workshop about “Politics and Common Good”. More than 6,500 people have participated directly.
  • Four teams of young people that belong to Juventud Morazanista, Los Rojos, Los Necios, and Jóvenes Pata de Pluma for a total of 32 coordinators and 320 young people participating in the workshops.
  • Women in Resistance. Building democracy in Honduras. 32 coordinators and a total of 168 women participate in this organization.
  • ARCO. An alliance of 8 teams of peasants that work in organic farming, reforestation, and water planting. 10 coordinators lead ARCO with a total of 180 participants. They have participated in the workshop about Earth and Ecology, and Politics and Common Good.
  • Indigenous Pastoral. The MPM is working at a national level with indigenous populations in a more concrete way with four Catholic parishes of the Department of Santa Barbara.
  • The Santa Barbara Association of Teachers. 26 teachers are participating bringing to their schools the Appreciative Inquiry Methodology and the themes Earth and Ecology, and Myself and the Other.
  • 10 municipalities and 80 councilmen and women of Santa Barbara department. They have adopted the methodology of the MPM and the first theme Earth and Ecology. They are committed to work for a better environment.
  • Ecological Movement. Conservation, reforestation, water cleaning. 190 members participating on 10 teams.
  • Teatro La Siembra. 4 coordinators and 68 members dedicated to creating art, especially popular theater.
  • Media. The MPM participates in programs on 4 community radio stations and 6 local TV channels.

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